Are You Craving Baby Back Ribs?

Come by our market in Lansing, MI to buy fresh pork back ribs

Whether you're looking for breakfast sausage links or pork steaks, we've got you covered. Sunset Food Market in Lansing, MI sells fresh pork that you can enjoy for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We also sell center-cut pork chops, perfect for special occasions or fancy dinners.

Have questions about where we get our fresh pork? Call 517-485-2028 now for answers.

Why should you choose Sunset Food Market?

You'll appreciate shopping at our store when you need fresh pork because:

  • Everything is cut daily to keep the meat fresh
  • We take pride in having the lowest prices in the area
  • Our fresh bacon is cut and sold by the pound
  • We have the pork chops and baby back ribs you've been craving
Stop by our store today to pick up a pound of fresh bacon to make your breakfasts tastier.