Find a Local Butcher in Lansing, MI

Stop by our butcher market and deli section at Sunset Food Market

Chances are, the meat at big-box grocery stores didn't come from local farmers. It might not even be fresh. Don't take your chances with it - pick up meat from a local butcher instead.

Sunset Food Market is a trusted butcher market in Lansing, MI because...

  • We get beef and other products from local distributors.
  • We offer fresh ground beef done in-house every day.
  • We offer fresh meat bundles at low prices.

Have an EBT card or SNAP benefits? You can buy butcher-quality meat within your means. Visit Sunset Food Market today to order some of the freshest meat in town.

Get your ground beef here

Prepackaged meat doesn't taste as good as fresh ground beef - trust us.

Come to our butcher market in Lansing, MI to order ground beef that will taste amazing.

You might discover that you don't have to drain as much grease from the pan after cooking our ground beef - that's what our customers often tell our local butcher, anyway. Put our meat to the ultimate taste test by preparing it for dinner at your house tonight.