Do You Need Fresh Beef for Sunday Dinner?

Stop by our store in Lansing, MI

If you're looking for fresh beef that was sourced from local distributors in Lansing, MI, turn to us. Sunset Food Market takes pride in providing quality beef that is free of chemicals and cut the same day you buy it. We have ground beef for tacos, chuck for pot roasts and short rib for stews. Looking for steaks? Our butchers will make sure you get the best cuts available.

Plan an extravagant meal for your entire family to enjoy. Visit our market to get chemical-free, fresh beef for your dinner.

We've got what you're looking for

Are you searching for a specific cut of fresh steak? We sell:

  • T-bone, porterhouse and rib-eye
  • Petite filets, chuck eye and sirloin
Elevate your evening with a fresh steak from our store. Call us at 517-485-2028 now if you have questions.